There's life after lockdown 😊😎

Lockdowns have forced us to look at our local areas with fresh eyes and a new perspective. Where before we would spend hours cooped up in our cars traveling to the cities and well worn tourist trails for fun and activities, once lockdown hit we had no option but to look inwards, think local, get creative and make the most of our lot.

One of the positives to emerge from this is a new found respect and indeed love of the great outdoors and landscape which we are blessed with at Lough Derg. Those who traditionally headed for the Motorways were now heading for the lake for bathing, swimming, forest trails, kayaking, sunbathing, fishing, cruises and the discovery of historical knowledge and folklore.

Lough Derg has so much to offer from Family Fun to Chartered Cruises to Gin Tasting to Guided Kayak Trips and Winter Swimming to Artisan Local Eateries and Gastro Bars. The standard of accommodation from Hotels, to Guesthouses to Luxury Private Holiday Rentals is second to none in Ireland.

It's the perfect staycation location, book your stay and we're sure you'll agree.



The Calves Field Private Holiday