7 Reasons to Staycation in 2020

My family and I had planned a Mediterranean Cruise departing in May 2020. Like everybody else we could not have imagined what lay in store for 2020 and while we were ultimately relieved that the cruise was cancelled, we were obviously disappointed. Of course our health and that of those close to us was our main concern and we knew the decisions that were made were right, we had been looking forward to our trip abroad. While we still long for Mediterranean Sunshine and Adventure we have made the decision to remain in Ireland this year. We plan to look at this an opportunity to explore this stunning country. Here a few reasons why we would suggest you do likewise:

1. Protect your health and the health and safety of others without the worry of wondering if you will need to self- isolate when you return home.

2. Invest in the local economy - help Ireland get back on track post lockdown.

3. The Food - it's almost impossible to find the quality of food and dining experience that we take for granted in Ireland.

4. Airports - they are tedious and stressful environments at the best of times. Save yourself the hassle and avoid them.

5. The Money - while the cost per night of accommodation and daily spend may be less abroad, consider the total sum of your spend on prepping for your international trip, flight costs, additional baggage fees, transfers etc. A staycation need not me the more expensive option. Self catering accommodation may in fact prove to be more economical than that trip to Spain.

6. Time - Once you pack your car your holiday begins, no time is wasted queuing for Check In and Security.

7. Rediscover Ireland - there's no such thing as bad weather, rather bad clothing so get out there and enjoy this luscious, Emerald Isle. Just think of the time and expense it takes for tourists to travel to Ireland and see what’s been on your doorstep all this time!


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