Sustainability at The Calves Field Holiday Rental

We are constantly researching and implementing new ideas to ensure our property is giving back to nature and taking measures to increase our contribution to sustainability. Here are the most recent measures taken at The Calves Field Holiday Rental to reduce waste and the use of fossil fuels and to give back to Nature. 

  • Collaboration with and their Act of Restorative Kindness where a large portion of our garden has been given back to Nature, thereby creating a Wild Garden
  • Large investment in Foam Insulation to reduce the consumption of home heating oil by 40%
  • Restoration of cast iron gates on the property which are over 150 years old
  • Removal of single-use plastic toiletries and replaced with Reusable and Refillable Soap Dispensers
  • Request that guests Boost heating system only rather than leaving on constant, again to reduce consumption of fossil fuels
  • Enhanced cleaning equipment such as an industrial sized, water fuelled steamer to reduce the use of cleaning chemicals and plastic containers